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Fay, Dharma, and HSMO in TIME Magazine

The Humane Society of Missouri’s efforts in the largest dog fighting rescue and shelter operation in US history are featured in the December 2nd issue of TIME Magazine. The issue will be availabe on newstands on Friday November 27th.

You can check out Fay, Dharma, and several other MO bust dogs on TIME’s website, in the photo essay “The Dogs Are All Right.”

Fay's getting lots of love!

Fay is home for the holiday weekend and will be back in the care of Dr. Marcy on Monday. She is doing great! Fay had to have another surgery last week to repair parts of her lips that were starting to die due to lack of blood flow. We were expecting this could happen so don’t worry about our beautiful girl. We still need donations to cover her medical expenses and we appreciate any small gift you can make.

Dharma has been home for over a month now and has adjusted to her new life of luxury very well. Her surgical scars have completely healed and she is healthy, happy, and pain-free. We love watching her run around the yard with her new brothers and sisters… having only three legs does not slow her down! She is picking up some naughty tricks from her new brother Otis. You can see in the picture below that she’s learned how to scramble the sheets off the beds and bundle them up to make a nest of blankets for her and Otis to snuggle into. So naughty, but so adorable!

Dharma snuggles with her brother Otis

Fay and Dharma wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and send you big slobbery kisses of gratitude for your support!

Phoenix Flight

Mutts-n-Stuff is very excited to announce a new project called Phoenix Flight. The Missouri Department of Corrections has approached Mutts-n-Stuff about partnering to do a dogs in prisons program. We will be working with inmates to train foster dogs toward earning their Canine Good Citizen certification and preparing them for adoption. Phoenix Flight will help both dogs and people – the dogs will have a temporary home where they will have help increasing their chances of eventually being adopted, while the inmates will have an opportunity to learn new skills and prove that they can successfully manage responsibilities. We need donations for crates, food and bowls, collars, leads, and all the usual dog equipment. Even small donations will help tremendously! Go to our donation page on our website to choose your payment method and be sure to include a note telling us what your donation is for (Phoenix Flight – food, for example). Thank you for your support of this very exciting program!

New Life and New Face for Fay

Fay Getting Ready for SurgeryFay, HSMO bust rescue and Mutts-n-Stuff Phoenix House spokesdog, came out of her first surgery this past Monday with something that had been literally ripped away from her… lips. The surgery went so well that Dr. Marcy was able to repair part of  Fay’s upper lip as well. Fay’s face had been so badly injured in fights that the men who forced her into the pits decided to add to that cruelty by cutting the rest of her torn lips off. Those men showed Fay the worst of humanity, but now Mutts-n-Stuff has been able to show her the best: love, comfort, compassion, healing. You can help us continue to show Fay the sunny side of life by donating to her medical care and healing. Click on the PayPal button on the sidebar to the left, go to our website, or join our Facebook Cause “Fay’s Surgery.” Here are some pictures of Fay during and after her operation, courtesy of photographer Mike Bizzelli.




2010 Mutts-n-Stuff Calendars

Order your 2010 Mutts-n-Stuff Calendar!

Purchase your 2010 Mutts-n-Stuff Calendar and help support rescued pit bulls.

We are offering two wonderful choices this year to celebrate our love for the breed. Each calendar is $20 with the proceeds going to Phoenix House and babesia treatment for the recent victims from the bust in July 2009. The calendar on the left is, “The Faces of the Victims of Dog Fighting – Man’s greed leads to the suffering of animals” which features dogs rescued from the recent Missouri bust. The calendar on the right is “Pin Up Girls and Their Pits,” featuring beautiful 50’s era styled photos of pin up models posing with rescued pits. Victims of dog fighting need your support. Big wet sloppy kisses for your help from Fay!

A Big THANK YOU to the Humane Society of Missouri

Dharma (formerly Tallulah) graces the cover of HSMO's Fall issue of Tails Magazine.The Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO) has accomplished a tremendous feat in their investigation, rescue, and subsequent sheltering of the dogs taken from the largest fight bust in US history. Not only have these dogs been taken out of the hell they were living in, but future abuse has been prevented in the prosecution of these cases. To provide some background, here is an excerpt from a September press release:

Information from a 2008 dog fighting case investigated by members of the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force led to the involvement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Tim Rickey, director of the Humane Society of Missouri’s Animal Cruelty Task Force, and Kyle Held, Humane Society of Missouri animal cruelty investigator, spent countless hours providing consultation and dog rescue services throughout the ensuing multi-state investigation. At times, when other agencies had doubts about continuing the investigation, Rickey’s and Held’s unrelenting commitment to ending dog fighting kept the investigation alive.

On July 8, Rickey and the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force coordinated the crime-scene evidence gathering and animal rescue efforts in five states: Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Texas, and Oklahoma. Dogs also were rescued in Nebraska, Arkansas and Mississippi. The multi-location evidence and animal recovery operation required professional animal rescuers and a variety of specialized animal transport vehicles from the Humane Society of Missouri as well as those from the ASPCA and Humane Society of the United States.

The Fall 2009 issue of HSMO’s quarterly publication “Tails Magazine” features the story of the investigation and Mutts-n-Stuff’s very own adopted bust dog Dharma (formerly Tallulah) is the cover girl! We want to thank HSMO for the incredible work they do in the lower midwest region. This bust is only one of many that they have either led or participated in over the years and HSMO continues to save hundreds of dogs from lives of abuse and neglect. You can read more about their investigations and rescues at their website www.hsmo.org.

Smiley Shows ‘Em!

Smiley King Elvis and Gale were recently interviewed by a reporter from the local Fox station to answer their question: “can former fighting dogs safely live with people?” Well, Smiley and Gale showed them EXACTLY what a former fighting champion does when he is loved and cared for by a family. Just watch!

An Update on Fay

Fay is enjoying the good life! She is getting some more press, and even more love and attention. Fay will be undergoing surgery to repair her lower lip on November 9th.  She is a very special girl and we ask that you please send her good thoughts for what will be the first of several surgeries. We hope that Fay will have a lower lip after surgery. Please help Fay as she starts this journey by making a donation.

Fay at the vet

Fay gets a check up at the vet