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Fay, Dharma, and HSMO in TIME Magazine

The Humane Society of Missouri’s efforts in the largest dog fighting rescue and shelter operation in US history are featured in the December 2nd issue of TIME Magazine. The issue will be availabe on newstands on Friday November 27th.

You can check out Fay, Dharma, and several other MO bust dogs on TIME’s website, in the photo essay “The Dogs Are All Right.”

Fay's getting lots of love!

Fay is home for the holiday weekend and will be back in the care of Dr. Marcy on Monday. She is doing great! Fay had to have another surgery last week to repair parts of her lips that were starting to die due to lack of blood flow. We were expecting this could happen so don’t worry about our beautiful girl. We still need donations to cover her medical expenses and we appreciate any small gift you can make.

Dharma has been home for over a month now and has adjusted to her new life of luxury very well. Her surgical scars have completely healed and she is healthy, happy, and pain-free. We love watching her run around the yard with her new brothers and sisters… having only three legs does not slow her down! She is picking up some naughty tricks from her new brother Otis. You can see in the picture below that she’s learned how to scramble the sheets off the beds and bundle them up to make a nest of blankets for her and Otis to snuggle into. So naughty, but so adorable!

Dharma snuggles with her brother Otis

Fay and Dharma wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and send you big slobbery kisses of gratitude for your support!


3 Responses

  1. This is freaking amazing!! I can’t wait to get my copy.

    This thanksgiving, I’m officially thankful for the efforts of HSMO!

  2. pit bulls must arrange their sheets and blankets “just so”. lol

  3. Fantastic!!! True about the blankets!

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