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Trooper the Road Pup Finds his Forever Home

Remember Trooper, the nearly dead pup found on a country road? Many of you donated to his recuperation and medical care, and we want to thank all of you for saving this beautiful boy’s life. While Trooper recovered he was lovingly cared for by his foster family. Now he has found his forever home and he is having a blast with his new family. Trooper has taken trips to the family’s farm, where he ran and played like he had never suffered any injuries or hardship at all. He also got a Christmas stocking full of wonderful toys and treats. Trooper is a loving, friendly, healthy, and happy dog in spite of his tough beginnings, thanks to the support of caring people who have never even met him. Mutts-n-Stuff is so grateful to everyone who donated to his recovery and Trooper sends you BIG thank you kisses!

What is that? Is that for me?!

I'm going to get you!

Haha, there is no escape!


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