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A Sad Day

It is with great sadness that we bring you news of Fay’s passing. In the short time since Fay’s rescue in July, she touched thousands of hearts with her zest for life and desire to be everyone’s friend. Although Fay was tortured at the hands of humans for the first five years of her life, she overcame those hardships. Fay has been loved and well-cared for these past few months, and all involved in her rescue and care were dedicated to ensuring that neither Fay nor any of the other dogs rescued with her would ever be subjected to the torture of dog fighting again. Her last three months were spent in a loving foster home where she got plenty to eat, a warm and safe place to sleep, and plenty of love. She was very happy in that transitional home, but perhaps she was happiest when she was out meeting people at events. Her tail was almost a non-stop blur. On December 28, she successfully came through her third operation to give back the lips that men had taken away. Sadly, Fay passed away through no fault of anyone who tried to save her, but her past life had the final say due to the horrible scarring she suffered from years of fighting and abuse. We need to stop dog fighting and stop the pain and suffering of these innocent victims. Please join us in remembering the beauty of Fay. Thank you for all of the love and support that has been so generously given to this special girl. Mutts-n-Stuff will continue work on building the Phoenix House in honor of Fay and thousands of victims like her, so dogs rescued from fight busts can finally know safety, comfort, and love. We appreciate your understanding as Mutts-n-Stuff volunteers struggle with the loss of our sweet angel.

Thank you,



23 Responses

  1. My heart is breaking for everyone so close and who have been deeply involved with Fay from the beginning.

    Fay’s spirit will live on. She has touched so many with her toothy grin (and equally toothy kisses šŸ™‚ ) and her drive to survive and show the world that yes, bad things can and do happen, but not to let it slow you down.

    I hope that everyone takes a moment to reflect and to let Fay’s spirit be that guiding light that takes us towards a future where bust dogs have a chance, and where dog fighting is no longer in existence.

    *hugs to all*

  2. I am so saddened by this news. She deserved a long and happy life. She paid so dearly for it in advance. Why’d she have to leave so soon? At least she got to enjoy her last few months. RIP, brave girl.

  3. This just brought me to tears. So glad that this dog was shown love in the end and touched peoples lives. Thank you for all that you have done with this dog. The world needs more people like this!

  4. Remember, she was able to experience love, even if it was for far too short of time. Thank you to everone who gave her that.

  5. The madness has to stop. I’m sick of crying over the senseless butchering of these beautiful creatures. SICK OF IT! Please remember Fay and her awesome spirit but do more than remember. Do more than light a candle at a vigil. Call your local and national politicians. Report ALL suspicious behavior and keep reporting it until something is done. And by all means, educate educate EDUCATE!! Wish I could have met you Fay. Give Jesus a sloppy wet full-lipped kiss for me, ok?

  6. There are no words to express my sadness. Thanks to all of you that cared for Fay. She will not be forgotten.

  7. Sweet Fay RIP. Gale thank you for taking good care of her and at least letting her know that she was so loved before she left us.

  8. I’m at a complete loss… Gale, you’ve written a very touching eulogy. My heart goes out to everybody involved in her rescue.

  9. This is heartbreaking news. RIP Fay, and thank you to HSUM and Mutts ‘n Stuff for giving her the happiest few months of her life. She looked so joyful in the pictures from Borders, just a few days earlier… so bittersweet.

  10. I am so sorry for your loss. Her story was at once both heartbreaking and inspiring. Thanks for taking care of her.

    Godspeed, sweet Fay.

  11. Thank you Fay. At the expense of your horrible life and tragic death, more people are educated about the awful things that happened to you and many others. More people listened to me tell your story today than when you first felt truely loved. Sad, I know. And I will continue to tell your story and others to help people realize what can happen and help them to learn how to help others. Everyone that knew you is in my heart today. Enjoy your pain-free frolicking in Heaven sweet Baby Girl!

  12. Fay was so beautiful, and I am so thankful for her wonderful foster mom, and everyone else who did all they could for her. Hopefully she has lots of people to love and take care of her now, as she so loved attention. Godspeed wonderful girl!

  13. I think my heart just broke in a million little piece.

  14. What a beautiful girl. I am so glad she found some love & happiness in her life. These people who hurt animals should receive the same. I have a pet shop pug who I had to rescue or he would have been murdered. He turned out to be the best pug I’ve had out of the 7 I have had the pleasure to love. God bless all these beautiful animals forever.

  15. “On December 28, she successfully came through her third operation to give back the lips that men had taken away. Sadly, Fay passed away through no fault of anyone who tried to save her, but her past life had the final say due to the horrible scarring she suffered from years of fighting and abuse.”
    She came through her surgery and then died???????? I would like to know how she died if she was saved from her abuse and alive, please explain, thank you

  16. My heart was broken last night when I read about Fay’s passing. Although I never met her, her story touched my heart. I am still crying today over this. I worked in the Animal Welfare field for over 11 years at a prominent shelter and saw many cases of cruelty as a result of dog fighting but what what done to Fay at the hands of humans was one of the worst. The fact that she still let her lovely spirit shine through after all her hardship is a true testament to her wonderful personality. My heart goes out to all the people who showed Fay what love truly is particularly her foster family. I imagine this loss is very hard for them right now. There are people who are thinking about you all over the country and will remember Fay as they continue to fight against dog fighting and animal cruelty. I am one of them. Sincerely, Jen Richichi (Philadelphia)

  17. Fay, enjoy your life in heaven free of pain and full of joy. You’ve earned it. I’m so sorry for what you went through. And to Gale, the foster parents, and all the wonderful volunteers who worked on Fay’s behalf, there’s a special place in heaven for folks like you. Thank you for showing Fay love and hope in her final weeks. What you did for Fay is truly awesome.

  18. Many, many thanks to everyone who has expressed sympathy and support. Fay was loved by many and touched the hearts of those who met her with her sweet friendliness. She always had a kiss for everyone.

    Fay’s little body was ravaged by years of fighting and abuse. Her mutilated face was only the most visible evidence of her suffering and she had extensive internal scarring. While Fay did make it through Monday’s surgery safely, after the surgery she went into cardiac arrest. All appropriate precautions were taken by the veterinarian and truly nothing could have prevented this tragic event. We now know that Fay’s time with us was limited due to the internal damage done to her during her years with the dog fighters. For obvious reasons, we don’t want to get into a graphic medical discussion but suffice it to say that the extent of Fay’s internal scarring could not have been readily detected prior to her death.

    Although Fay was just one dog, she represented the plight of thousands of pit bulls suffering every day throughout the nation. Mutts-n-Stuff is only one of many rescue organizations working hard to give as many victims as possible lives of safety, comfort, and love. There is so much work to be done and so many problems to address. Each victim of dog fighting is important and we want to save as many as we are able by completing Fay’s Phoenix House, a halfway house for victims of dog fighting.

    -Suzi S., Mutts-n-Stuff volunteer

  19. This breaks my heart. It’s so unbelievable how cruel humans can be. No animals deserves even half the torture she endured throughout her life. She will be in our hearts, RIP beautiful girl.

  20. It is a sad day, indeed. But thanks to Fay and those who met her, whether in real life or from the coverage in Time and by HSUS, I am hoping this new decade will see us ending all of the woes that beset our beloved pits: dog fighting, BSL, cutting off ears and tails… write your own list. We’re seeing change starting, let’s get the wave going.

  21. I am so sorry to hear of Fay’s passing. I can’t imagine the grief that her foster mom and the people of Mutts N Stuff must feel at her loss.

    Your Bust Dog calendar is *wonderful* — I’m excited for it to arrive in the mail! I look forward to learning more about how to purchase one of the Phoenix House memorial bricks (mentioned at the back of the calendar) to help support this wonderful project!

  22. Thank you so much for all that you did for poor Fay, and for all that you do for others like her!

  23. Words cannot express the sadness and sympathy that I feel for the loss of such a beautiful little angel. She has touched the hearts of so many people, as have all of the other faces of animal cruelty and neglect. To her foster mom and all of the Mutts-n-Stuff volunteers, thank you for giving Fay and all of the other rescued dogs a chance at finding their forever homes! These dogs epitomize unconditional love and forgiveness and we can all take a lesson from them. I will not forget her!

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