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Bust Dog Diaries: Petunia

It’s been almost nine months since the Big MO Bust last July, and the dogs that Mutts-n-Stuff took in for foster and adoption are thriving with all the tender loving care they’ve been getting. Bust dog Petunia has been enjoying the good life with her foster family. This incredibly sweet girl loves everybody – people, children, and even other dogs. Here’s an update from Petunia’s foster mom Melissa…

Pretty Petunia has very expressive ears!

I can remember the first day I met Petunia, she was right outside the office in the bunker nursing her puppies and when I bent down to pet her head she just rolled down the side of her kennel onto her back.  She was such a good momma and had the most pleasant personality, even when dealing with all those kids of hers!  I quickly wrote her number down and put her on my list of dogs I wanted to have evaluated once custody was given to HSMO.

Over the months, I came to love her more and more as I got to spend time with her at the bunker ….she’s been out of the bunker now and with my family since November, 2009.  It’s been an amazing journey for her and such a learning experience for me to watch her as she learns the sights, sounds and feel of her new life.
Her first days with us were hard, she did not want to come out of her kennel which I expected.  She was used to that setting and comfortable there so getting her to venture out was a patient and tasty process, as she got to try lots of new treats.  Slowly she started spending more and more time out of the kennel and interacting with us.  Once she mastered the lower level of the house, we started on learning the stairs so she could come upstairs to explore and then go back down to her kennel when she needed to decompress.  Once she mastered this, we worked on coming out of the kitchen and onto the carpet to be with us which she has also overcome.  Petunia still jumps if you move too fast or if something startles her, but that will take time as her prior life fades far into the past.  We praise her constantly and she now gives the best hugs ever!  I am happy to report that she has now mastered the couch and will actually relax next to us on it.  She loves going for walks and is doing very well with her manners.  It has been baby steps all the way and with each step you can just see her relax, settle and grow more and more.
She is an amazing dog and is an inspiration to watch.  I can’t imagine having the life she led, being tied outside in bad weather and the cold, having her ribs broken, being made to reproduce at every cycle of her life, and having allergies to almost every tree, grass and food there is and itching nonstop…. and then being thrown into a house with noisy kids and just taking it all in and learning how to be a dog and a beloved pet.  She is a wonderful ambassador of the breed, she absolutely loves people of all sizes and playing with her fellow four-legged friends.  She is now on the right food for her allergies and we are well on our way to conquering those too with the help of The Pet Doctor and California Natural!  Every day is a joy with her and I can’t wait to see what her future holds.
– Melissa
Petunia is available for adoption. You can read more about her and submit an adoption application here.