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“Mutts” Meets “Our Pack”

Our Pack,  Inc.I needed a vacation.  Just get away from St. Louis and breathe fresh air.  After much thought I decided it was time to travel to the San Francisco Bay Area to meet my mentor from the Stoddard and the Big MO busts… Marthina McClay, founder of Our Pack, Inc. We had a blast!  We visited the Humane Society of Silicone Valley and saw the most wonderful set up for socialization and training of the shelter dogs.
I also went to the Our Pack fundraiser at La Fondue.  I saw Tracey again, who had traveled to Saint Louis to assist with the Big MO bust dogs, and I met all of the volunteers from Our Pack.  It was so nice to be welcomed by such a warm and wonderful group of people.  While I was there, I also met  Megan Webb and Martha Cline from Oakland Animal Services. I was facinated by their care and love of the animals in their charge and impressed by all they do to ensure their adoptions.  What a dynamic pair wanting to make a difference for the APBT!
My favorite time was just sitting at the patio table and watching the dogs play.  Pure poetry to watch happy dogs having a great time.  Next thing I know, it was time to go back home. I feel so lucky to have a wonderful friend and to meet so many new ones.


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  1. Thanks Gale for the kind words! I learn so much when we talk and even more with you coming out to visit. I can’t wait until we can get together again. 🙂

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