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Orbie the Blind Pit Bull

Orbie gets a kiss from a roller girl at the Derby

Orbie (formerly Kemo), the blind pit bull rescued by Oakland Animal Services (OAS) in California, has been settling in to his new temporary home at Phoenix Cottage. Orbie spent six months waiting in the shelter, and Our Pack, Inc brought Mutts-n-Stuff and OAS together. Northern California rescues, including Our Pack, took over 50 dogs from last year’s Big MO Bust; this was our opportunity to repay them by helping one of their dogs with special needs. Mutts-n-Stuff has extensive experience working with disabled dogs. In fact, Phoenix Cottage was built especially for blind pit bull Phoenix. Phoenix passed on to the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year, and his family could think of nothing better than for another blind pit bull to find comfort and happiness in his special cottage.

Orbie's favorite toy is his Cuz ball

Orbie’s foster mom and dad are discovering that he is a very social dog, and loves to play and snuggle with any human that crosses his path. Orbie loves toys; he squeaks and squeaks his Cuz endlessly. Due to his blindness, Orbie cannot read the body language of other dogs and is hesitant to interact with them. He relies on humans to be his guide and is responding exceptionally well to clicker training combined with verbal cues, which is especially helpful on walks. Two clicks = obstacle ahead, one click = let’s go, etc. Orbie also has learned sit, down, and roll over. His positive interaction with humans is helping him learn to trust and build relationships with people.

Orbie’s blindness may be due to macular degeneration, and he will very soon be visiting a specialist to determine if his eyesight can be at least partially restored. Regardless of his ability to see or not, Orbie is a sweet, loving, and patient boy who will soon be looking for his special forever home. Check back with us for updates on his progress and adoption availability.


Join us on Saturday September 11, 2010 for Volleybull at Bar 101 Soulard from 11am to 6pm (bar open until 3am). Bar 101 Soulard has the largest patio in St. Louis and is dog friendly! Bring your well-behaved dog along for a day of beach volleyball, washers tournaments, raffle, prizes, drinks, food, and fun.

  • $5 donation or $15 for entry fee with beer.
  • Beach Volleyball: 6 person teams, recreational and double elimination – $150 per team ($25 per player) covers play, beer, and lunch. Prize for winning team.
  • Washers Tournament: Teams of 2, $10 per team.
  • Registration: Call Cindy at 314-517-1497 or email cinderellalu@hotmail.com. Deadline is 9.10.10
  • Bar 101 Soulard – 1724 South Broadway – St. Louis, MO 63104

All dogs must be on a strong lead, and be well-behaved and friendly in public. Proceeds benefit Mutts-n-Stuff (soon to be Phoenix Pack).

Working Together Works!

Kemo the Blind Pit Bull

Great things happen when rescues and shelters work together for the good of the dogs! Mutts-n-Stuff is working with Oakland Animal Services and Our Pack, Inc. to bring Kemo, a blind pit bull in Northern California, here to Missouri to start his new life. Kemo has not only defied the odds of survival as a homeless pit bull, but has also managed to create a bond between a Missouri rescue group and a California animal shelter. The Contra Costa Times has written a wonderful article about Kemo, whose story illustrates how important it is for shelters and rescue groups to work together to help the dogs that need us to put them first.