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2011 Barkus Pet Parade: We Are Your Voice Rico

Barkus 2011: We Are Your Voice Rico
Join Mutts-N- Stuff on February 27 at the 2011 Barkus Pet Parade in Soulard, MO as we walk for the victims of dog fighting.
This year we will be recognizing a dog whose owner maliciously and without any hesitation cut the dog’s tongue out.  Born in Mexico, Rico was purposely raised to be intimidating and was subjected to excessive weight training and amateur dog fighting.  One day during a “training session” at the beach, Rico collapsed from exhaustion and would not get up.  The owner not wanting to accept the dog’s defeated state took matters in his owner hands and removed Rico’s tongue in a brutal and cruel manner.  The owner would then throw the tongue in the ocean and Rico would be scarred for life.  Being the most essential part on the canine body, having no tongue leaves Rico unable to lap up water or food and deprives him from a biological heat regulator.  Rico is now safe and will soon be joining Mutts N Stuff once his cottage is built.  Please join us in celebrating Rico’s survival and all the others that have been victims of abuse and dog fighting.

We will be meeting at 11:00 AM at the corner of Menard and Geyer St (across the street from the Great Grizzly Bear Bar).  We will also have new hoodies available in support of Rico.  We would love to have dogs walk with us in the parade, but please make sure your bully represents the best of the breed and is well behaved on a six foot flat lead. Dogs can be dressed in fun costumes. Please email us at muttsnstuff@yahoo.com for more details and to sign up. We thank you in advance for joining us and supporting our rescue efforts!

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