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Orbie the Blind Pit Bull

Orbie gets a kiss from a roller girl at the Derby

Orbie (formerly Kemo), the blind pit bull rescued by Oakland Animal Services (OAS) in California, has been settling in to his new temporary home at Phoenix Cottage. Orbie spent six months waiting in the shelter, and Our Pack, Inc brought Mutts-n-Stuff and OAS together. Northern California rescues, including Our Pack, took over 50 dogs from last year’s Big MO Bust; this was our opportunity to repay them by helping one of their dogs with special needs. Mutts-n-Stuff has extensive experience working with disabled dogs. In fact, Phoenix Cottage was built especially for blind pit bull Phoenix. Phoenix passed on to the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year, and his family could think of nothing better than for another blind pit bull to find comfort and happiness in his special cottage.

Orbie's favorite toy is his Cuz ball

Orbie’s foster mom and dad are discovering that he is a very social dog, and loves to play and snuggle with any human that crosses his path. Orbie loves toys; he squeaks and squeaks his Cuz endlessly. Due to his blindness, Orbie cannot read the body language of other dogs and is hesitant to interact with them. He relies on humans to be his guide and is responding exceptionally well to clicker training combined with verbal cues, which is especially helpful on walks. Two clicks = obstacle ahead, one click = let’s go, etc. Orbie also has learned sit, down, and roll over. His positive interaction with humans is helping him learn to trust and build relationships with people.

Orbie’s blindness may be due to macular degeneration, and he will very soon be visiting a specialist to determine if his eyesight can be at least partially restored. Regardless of his ability to see or not, Orbie is a sweet, loving, and patient boy who will soon be looking for his special forever home. Check back with us for updates on his progress and adoption availability.

Phoenix Flight

We are very excited to announce Phoenix Flight, a program that pulls homeless dogs from shelters and puts them in prison. Yep, you read that right: we’re sending rescued dogs to prison, where they will be partnered with carefully selected inmates to be trained to earn their AKC Canine Good Citizen certification and become adoptable companions for loving homes. Phoenix Flight is all about second chances. In our first round, we partnered with the Association for the Protection of Animals (APA) in St. Louis to select five special dogs for the program. We are looking for sponsors to help offset the care of the dogs. Sponsorships are $200 per dog and pays for the crate, food, medical care, toys, and training treats. The dogs will be available for adoption after completing the program and successfully passing a CGC test. The items purchased through the sponsorship will go with the dog to the new forever home. We hope to be able to provide sponsors with progress reports on their sponsored pup including updates and pictures.

You can sponsor a Phoenix Flight dog via PayPal (just click on the “Make a Donation” button on the sidebar to the left and write “Phoenix Flight” in the notes) or by sending a check to: Mutts-n-Stuff PO Box 187, Foristell, MO 63348. Please make the check out to Mutts-n-Stuff and write “Phoenix Flight” in the memo.

Overseas Connection

Reggie with motorcyleAaron LaCour of the United States Air Force found himself browsing pictures of pit bulls while reminiscing on the dog he lost shortly before he had deployed. Mutts-n-Stuff’s website happened to come up in his web search and – all the way in Afghanistan – Aaron fell in love.

Reggie has graced the pages of Mutts-n-Stuff’s website for over a year waiting for the perfect family to find him. This family has come in the form a solider defending our country. Aaron emailed about Reggie and what he needed to do to make sure he could come home to him. Normally Mutts-n-Stuff will not put a “hold” on a dog with only the hope of him or her being adopted; but, through many emails, a friendship formed between Aaron and Reggie’s foster family. They have agreed to hold onto Reggie as long as it takes for Aaron to make a safe trip home, which is scheduled for December 2009. Aaron and his friends in his troop wait for emails to come with updates and pictures of Reggie so they can see what his next antics will be. The way he has lifted their spirits and touched hearts from across the world can only be summed up as true pittie love! Mutts-n-Stuff has in turn adopted Aaron, sending him care packages and support for the tremendous service he is performing for our country. Reggie’s foster family is proud to be taking care of Reg while his daddy is taking care of us, and they are honored that he will go to such a great person. Reggie came from very hard beginnings as a stray found at a local pound. He was nursed from 38lbs when he was taken into Mutts-n-Stuff’s care, to now weighing in at over 70lbs!

Reggie has overcome many hurdles, including the fate that most pit bulls in shelters face. Over 200 pit bull type dogs are put to sleep each week in the St. Louis Metro Area. Reggie got a chance that few of these dogs do. He was found to be heartworm positive and had mange from head to tail, leaving 90% of his body hairless. Over the past year he has thrived in his foster home with his 2 pittie sisters and a snarky little miniature pinscher. Reggie has made a full turnaround from the statistic he could have been to the breed ambassador he has become. While Reggie patiently waits to meet his new daddy and see his new home, he is well taken care of and eagerly awaits new emails from his dad. If you wish to help support Aaron or Reggie, dog or people items can be brought to any of Mutts-n-Stuff’s adoption events. Packages to Aaron are being shipped regularly and Reggie loves balls and Knuckle bones. The cycle of support is endless and when we all support each other, great things can be accomplished – big and small.

Julie Jordan – Volunteer, Mutts-n-Stuff